The Delia Project (#95): Hot Chocolate Rum Soufflé

The Delia Smith Project: Hot Chocolate Rum Soufflé

This was my first attempt at making a soufflé. The recipe sounded promising, after all, how could you go wrong with chocolate, rum, egg yolks and egg whites?

For me, it all went wrong with the rum, but maybe because I’m not a rum lover. It was too overpowering, I would have preferred just the taste of chocolate. Or maybe one tablespoon of rum would have been enough instead of two? Anyhow, I wasn’t sold on it. If I needed a chocolate fix (which is daily actually) then I’d go for Delia’s Rich Chocolate Mousse.

Here’s Delia Smith’s recipe for Hot Chocolate Rum Soufflé (though I see she’s reduced the brandy here to 1.5 tablespoons. Hmmm…)


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