The Delia Project (#89): Rich Fruit Cake

The Delia Smith Project: Rich Fruit Cake

It’s a tradition in our house that we make the Christmas Cake towards the end of November and feed it spoonfuls of brandy at regular intervals during December, thereby ensuring that come Christmas Day the cake is nice and boozy moist.

My husband usually makes the Christmas Cake but this year he was too busy, so I thought I’d give it a go. It’s not a difficult cake, but it is time consuming. At least 12 hours before you make the cake, you  need to soak the dried fruit in brandy. Then it’s the normal flour, mixed spice, nutmeg, butter, brown sugar, eggs, treacle… all the good stuff. The cake then bakes for a little over 4 hours, so obviously you need to hang around for that time.

The photo above was taken just before the cake went into the oven and I need to remember to take another one on Christmas Day! We don’t do royal icing anymore; we used to, but found it too sweet. So we just serve it as it is and believe me, it’s good enough like that.


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