The Delia Project (#88): Vegetarian Mincemeat

The Delia Smith Project: Vegetarian Mincemeat

I’ve actually been making this mincemeat for the past – I don’t know exactly – 4/5 years?  Most of the time we’ve been in Switzerland anyway, as mincemeat isn’t easy to come by. I can’t justify a trip to Zurich just to buy a jar of mincemeat.

The main reason I chose Delia’s vegetarian mincemeat is because it doesn’t contain suet, which I would happily use by the way, I just haven’t been able to find out the German word, so I can’t ask my butcher. This mincemeat uses a block of creamed coconut in place of the suet and is also unusual in that one of the main ingredients is chopped dried bananas. The other dried fruits are apricots, raisins and sultanas and there is no sugar added. I have sensitive teeth and for me, eating some mincemeat is downright painful, but not this one. It’s light and not too sweet.

I’ll update you when I bake the pies!


The Delia Project (#87): Lemon Soufflé Omelette

The Delia Smith Project: Lemon Souffleé Omelette

I know, the picture ain’t pretty, it was made in a hurry and I don’t think the bottom was cooked enough. But… it tasted good. Reminiscent of the bottom layer of the Lemon Surprise Pudding, but much quicker to make.

Basically you whisk sugar, the rind of a lemon and its juice with 3 egg yolks. Whisk the egg white until stiff and fold them into the yolk mixture. Cook quickly in a hot pan, then cook the top under the grill. Ready!