The Delia Project (#84): Normandy Pork with Cream and Apples

The Delia Smith Project: Normandy Pork with Cream and Apples

These days, I’m always on the look-out for new recipes that need only a little preparation and then cook themselves, so I don’t need to stand over the stove. We are starting to eat our main meal at midday – European-style – and because I work every morning while the kids are at school, I need something I can put in the oven and forget about until they come home.

For this recipe, you can either use pork spare ribs or loin chops; I used chops. The chops are fried in a bit of butter first, till they’re nicely browned, then placed in a casserole. Next onions and garlic are softened in butter, then two apples, cut into rings are quickly fried. A sprinkling of sugar. Some cider. And everything in the casserole for 30-40 minutes.

To finish off, you can stir some cream into the juices. I can’t do cream, but I can tell you that the recipe works great without it.


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