The Delia Project (#72) Poppy Seed Rolls

The Delia Smith Project: Poppy Seed Rolls

These were almost a disaster, as while they were in the oven, I popped out into the garden to chat to my neighbour and then totally forgot that I had something baking. And I’ve no idea how overdone they were. Fortunately, I had two trays and the rolls on the bottom tray weren’t too overcooked. Even the brown ones were crunchy, but still tasty. So I would say that this recipe is pretty forgiving. Even if you forget about them, they’re still edible!

These rolls were a different sort of dough. To begin with, it’s the standard flour, salt, milk and sugar, which is kneaded for 10 minutes. After it has been left to rise for an hour or so, the air is knocked out of it and a good quantity of butter (110 grams) is worked into the dough. I ended up with something a bit slimy and buttery and thought that I’d gone wrong somewhere, but I kept going, dividing the dough into small pieces and rolling them out into a long roll before literally tying them in a knot.

I’ve been given permission to make them again, there’s praise for you 🙂 Next time I’ll try not to forget about them and they should turn out even better!

Here’s Delia Smith’s Poppy Seed Rolls.


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