The Delia Project (#71 ) Fresh Tomato Sauce

The Delia Smith Project: Fresh Tomato Sauce

After an amazing rejuvenating holiday, it’s back to school and work. I now work every morning, so I’m looking for lunches that I can whip up quickly when the kids get back from school.

This is a very simple pasta sauce using fresh tomatoes. Chopping the tomatoes is the only time-consuming part of this recipe; once that’s done though, this sauce cooks itself, slowly simmering with onion, garlic, tomato paste and basil for about 25-30 minutes. Cook yourself some pasta and you’re done!

Even Munchkin #2 ate every bite and he actually hates all tomatoes, except Heinz tomato sauce. But he loves pasta so maybe that won him over.

I made double the recipe and there was still enough for later in the week, though not quite a full serving each. I managed to bulk it out by making little meatballs to go with it. You could also add chilli to make more of an arrabiata and/or make it more filling by adding a tin of tuna.

Here’s the recipe for Delia Smith’s Classic Fresh Tomato Sauce.


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