The Delia Project (#78 ) Mushrooms in Hot Garlic Butter

The Delia Smith Project: Mushrooms in Hot Garlic Butter

Delia describes this recipe as for people who “love the sizzling garlic butter that goes with snails but cannot eat the snails”. I actually happen to love snails in garlic butter, but since I didn’t have any to hand, but had some little brown mushrooms, I decided to give this recipe a whirl.

It’s super simple to make: you just need to dust off the mushrooms, de-stalk them and make the garlic butter by mixing garlic, butter, parsley and lemon juice. Then pop them into a hot oven for 15 minutes. Enjoy!


The Delia Project (#77 ) Oatmeal Bread

The Delia Smith Project: Oatmeal Bread

This is a good, substantial bread made with oats soaked in milk. You need to decide at breakfast that you’d like this bread ready by dinner time (and for English readers, I mean the meal at the latter end of the day), as the oats need to soak a few hours before the bread making actually begins.

The rest of the ingredients: flour, salt, butter and honey are then mixed together and added to the oats. The dough is kneaded and proved, shaped into two round loaves and then proved one last time before being baked.

The Delia Smith Project: Oatmeal Bread

Then, if you’re anything like Munchkin #2, you must serve it with plenty of ham, cheese and pickle.


The Delia Project (#76 ) Turkish Stuffed Peppers

The Delia Smith Project: Turkish Stuffed Peppers

This is a super recipe that doesn’t take that long to whip up if you have some leftover lamb. Fry some onions and garlic, add the lamb, currants and pine nuts and finally some cinnamon, oregano and a couple of tinned tomatoes. Stir in some cooked rice, then stuff one pepper for each person and place them in a casserole dish. Any leftover rice mixture is packed around the peppers and a tin of tomatoes is poured around the peppers.

This is my favourite sort of meal, because it then cooks itself in the oven for around 50 minutes. If you have any leftovers, they’re also good the next day!

The Delia Project (#73 and #74 ) Plain and Wholewheat Fruit Scones

 The Delia Smith Project: Plain and Wholewheat Fruit Scones

Today was a lovely sunny day, so we headed down to the Bodensee to one of our favourite outdoor restaurants with a hard-to-beat playground.

Sunnehüsli, Güttingen

The playground is a mish-mash of old tractors and rollers, plastic ride on toys, a weather-beaten mini trampoline and your normal swings and see-saws. There are also goats, rabbits, pigs, guinea pigs, horses and donkeys to look at. The Munchkins love it here. Also because they know that after lunch they can get ice-cream.

Sunnehüsli, Güttingen

Lunch is a simple affair; there are only about 5 items on the menu. The Munchkins always get Bratwurst. We always get pork steak and salad. Everyone’s happy.

The Bodensee

After the obligatory ice-cream, we took a walk down to the lake and found a beach! Kind of. But it’s the closest thing to a beach we’ve seen in a couple of weeks. It’s a bit hard to see in the photo, but the town across the other side is Meersburg, in Germany. If you had your own boat, you could sail across there yourself!

Sunnehüsli, Güttingen

On our way back to St. Gallen we stopped in at a strawberry farm and just had to buy a couple of boxes of strawberries and raspberries.

So for tea tonight we had freshly baked scones with homemade (runny) strawberry jam, fresh raspberries and strawberries.

Unfortunately, I overcooked the fruit scones, next time I need to remember that my oven cooks them in 15 minutes and not closer to 20!

Here they are: Delia Smith’s Plain Scones. The recipe for Wholewheat Fruit Scones isn’t online, but you could try her Rich Fruit Scones instead.

The Delia Project (#72) Poppy Seed Rolls

The Delia Smith Project: Poppy Seed Rolls

These were almost a disaster, as while they were in the oven, I popped out into the garden to chat to my neighbour and then totally forgot that I had something baking. And I’ve no idea how overdone they were. Fortunately, I had two trays and the rolls on the bottom tray weren’t too overcooked. Even the brown ones were crunchy, but still tasty. So I would say that this recipe is pretty forgiving. Even if you forget about them, they’re still edible!

These rolls were a different sort of dough. To begin with, it’s the standard flour, salt, milk and sugar, which is kneaded for 10 minutes. After it has been left to rise for an hour or so, the air is knocked out of it and a good quantity of butter (110 grams) is worked into the dough. I ended up with something a bit slimy and buttery and thought that I’d gone wrong somewhere, but I kept going, dividing the dough into small pieces and rolling them out into a long roll before literally tying them in a knot.

I’ve been given permission to make them again, there’s praise for you 🙂 Next time I’ll try not to forget about them and they should turn out even better!

Here’s Delia Smith’s Poppy Seed Rolls.

The Delia Project (#71 ) Fresh Tomato Sauce

The Delia Smith Project: Fresh Tomato Sauce

After an amazing rejuvenating holiday, it’s back to school and work. I now work every morning, so I’m looking for lunches that I can whip up quickly when the kids get back from school.

This is a very simple pasta sauce using fresh tomatoes. Chopping the tomatoes is the only time-consuming part of this recipe; once that’s done though, this sauce cooks itself, slowly simmering with onion, garlic, tomato paste and basil for about 25-30 minutes. Cook yourself some pasta and you’re done!

Even Munchkin #2 ate every bite and he actually hates all tomatoes, except Heinz tomato sauce. But he loves pasta so maybe that won him over.

I made double the recipe and there was still enough for later in the week, though not quite a full serving each. I managed to bulk it out by making little meatballs to go with it. You could also add chilli to make more of an arrabiata and/or make it more filling by adding a tin of tuna.

Here’s the recipe for Delia Smith’s Classic Fresh Tomato Sauce.