The Delia Project (#67 ) Strawberry Jam

The Delia Smith Project: Strawberry Jam

I will let you know right now, I am no experienced jam maker. BUT, I have made this rhubarb and ginger jam twice now with great success, so tackling strawberry jam one evening didn’t seem like such a big deal. The main difference between the rhubarb jam and this one is that the rhubarb jam recipe uses jam sugar, with added pectin. This strawberry jam recipe uses just normal sugar as Delia says that she doesn’t find that special preserving sugar is essential and she never uses it as it’s so much more expensive.

That may be. However, I’d rather spend a Franc more on special jam sugar that stand over the stove when I should be long in bed, boiling and re-boiling jam that won’t (insert your preferred swear word here) set. So, next time I’ll be buying that expensive jam sugar. In the meantime, I have 7 jars of runny strawberry jam syrup.

Here’s Delia Smith’s recipe for Strawberry Preserve.


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