A pony cake

Pony Birthday Cake - Making the shape

When Munchkin #1 said she wanted a pony cake for her birthday, I immediately Googled ‘how to make horse birthday cake’ to see if it was something that was remotely possible for me to do, as I’m by no means an experienced birthday cake baker!

Then I found this excellent tutorial for a horse birthday cake, complete with template and thought I’d give it a go.

I baked one round and one square cake the day before I needed them for the birthday party. I chilled them first a little in the fridge, then cut them as shown on the template. Next step was to crumb coat the cake, then back in the fridge for 30 minutes to set a little.

Before I went to bed, I iced the entire cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting (and ate probably a good 1/4 cup of icing while I was doing it – it helps me concentrate 🙂 ). It looked more like a kangaroo than a horse at that stage, but I was hoping that the decorations would fix that!

The next day I got creative with silver balls, smarties, marzipan and my Kuhn Rikon icing set (again eating a good 1/4 cup of icing while I was doing it – it helps me to be even more creative 😉 ). By the time I put the mane on, it looked less like a kangaroo and more like a pony.

The girls at the party argued over who was going to eat the ears, one wanted the nose, another the gold buckle. I had to make a cut in the middle of the head so that one girl could eat the eye. So I think it worked out well.

Horse Birthday Cake


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