The Delia Project (#51) Beef in Beer

The Delia Smith Project: Beef in Beer

This is one of those recipes where a cheaper cut of meat is cooked slowly in a rich sauce, turning into something really special. One of our favourite recipes ever is beef cooked in red wine, but this one is cooked in a light ale. It just so happens that Hubby brews his own beer and happened to have some ale to hand!

Beef chunks are first seared in a pan, then quartered onions are browned. The sauce is ale, thyme, a bay leaf and garlic, thickened a little with flour. Everything cooks for 2.5 hours in the oven and smells amazing. You can place large croutons with grated cheese on top at the end and grill them until bubbling, but I chose to serve it as it is. I think the Munchkins would have preferred this as a pie and that would definitely work as well.

Here’s Delia Smith’s recipe for Beef in Designer Beer, which is fairly similar to the one in the Complete Cookery Course.


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