The Delia Project (#42): Pizza Dough

The Delia Smith Project: Pizza Dough

At least once a week is Pizza Day in our house. I have a bread maker, so usually I just have to throw a few ingredients in the pan and leave it to do it’s thing for 45 minutes.

This time, however, I thought I’d try Delia Smith’s Pizza Dough recipe. The ingredients are: sugar, yeast, strong white flour, salt, egg and water. Easy, huh? I chickened out with the kneading again and used the dough hook on my food mixer. (Really must watch Paul Hollywood again one day and learn how to knead properly!)

The topping was prosciutto and mozzarella, nothing fancy as Munchkin #2 will not allow anything else on his pizza. And the pizza base was fantastic, much better than my normal recipe, so I’ll use this one from now on.


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