The Delia Project (#39): Non-Meat Loaf

Delia Smith: Non-Meat Loaf

I tried to make this look appetising, really I did. Even now as I type this, I’m trying to muster up some enthusiasm about this recipe. But I think my feelings about this Non-Meat Loaf come through in the photo. A few bits of chopped tomato were all I could come up with to add a bit of life to this picture!

This recipe is almost identical to the Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie, minus the potato topping. The Non-Meat Loaf was just missing something, maybe creamy potato and cheese on top or something slightly sweet/sour. In fact, Munchkin #2 and I had a side of apple chutney and agreed that it made it much tastier. I was also made to promise that I wouldn’t make it again 😉


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