The Delia Project (#34): Fish Kebabs

Fish Kebabs

This is a recipe for any white fish – in this case I chose Alaska-Seelachs, which is Alaska pollock in English. And here’s an interesting story about pollock: in 2009 the UK Supermarket Sainsbury’s renamed pollock to ‘colin’ (pronounced co-lan, the French word for cooked pollack). They wanted to encourage people to buy colin as an eco-friendly alternative to cod. Also pollock sounds a lot like bollocks, which is a low-level swear word in the UK. That never occurred to me before, but apparently some people were bothered by this.

Anyway, back to our lunch… the fish is marinaded in olive oil, lemon juice, dry white wine and parsley for an hour or so and then grilled on skewers with onion and pepper.


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