The Delia Project (#30, #31 and #32): Ragù Bolognese, Basic Pancakes and Pancake Cannelloni

Pancakes and Ragù Bolognese

Today was the greyest of grey days, so rather than get depressed and book a flight somewhere sunny and expensive, I put on my apron and decided to cross three more recipes off my list!

First I made a Ragù Bolognese. Whilst that simmering away, we went into the city for a walk around in the bitter cold and to buy some eggs for the Basic Pancakes.

Then it’s a simple matter of making a white sauce, putting a dollop of bolognese into the centre of each pancake and rolling ’em up. Place in a gratin dish. Cover with the white sauce. Sprinkle over parmesan cheese. Bake.

This is what you end up with… Pancake Cannelloni!

Pancake Cannelloni

The Munchkins declared it as good as Lasagne, gave it 100 stars and two thumbs up. And asked if I could make it again one day. It doesn’t get better than that!


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