An afternoon at the Appenzeller Schaukäserei (Demonstration Cheese Factory)

About 15 minutes drive away, or a 40 minute walk ( an hour if you have two Munchkins who hate walking anywhere) we have one of the area’s most visited attractions. The Appenzeller Schaukäserei at Stein produces the famous Appenzeller cheese.

Today we have my dad and step-mum here for a visit, so we decided to walk. There’s still quite a bit of snow around in places…

Stein on a snowy day

We’ve been coming here regularly for the last 7 years, but the Munchkins never seem to tire of watching the cheese being made…

Appenzeller Cheese Factory

The milk curdling in the cheese vat…

Appenzeller Cheese Factory - pouring the cheese into the moulds

…and the mixture being poured into the moulds. After this a lid is put on and the new cheese is pressed.

Cheese in storage

And here’s the cheese cellar where the cheese matures, anywhere from three months to eight months for a fuller flavour. Enough cheese for you?

We then made our way to the shop to taste whatever cheese was out for sampling at the cheese counter and (like always) bought some to take home.

The Schaukäserei has a restaurant that is a cheese-lover’s dream, in fact it’s difficult to find an item on the menu that doesn’t contain cheese.  The Munchkins usually go for Appenzeller Toast: a slice of white bread, topped with ham, half a pear and Appenzeller cheese, which is melted over the lot!

I usually go for the Rösti – a grated potato pancake topped with ham and melted cheese. I meant to take a photo, but was almost finished eating it before I remembered!

With bellies full of cheese, it was time to walk home. But not without a stop at our milk farm to pick up a few bottles…

Organic milk straight from the farm

Organic, raw and with two and a bit inches of cream on top!

Organic raw milk


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