The Delia Project (#45): Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

The Delia Smith Project: Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

This recipe is described by Delia as “a good recipe for a dinner party, as it’s easy to carve and serve.” It would be great for a dinner party. Unfortunately though, I chose to cook it on a Sunday night when we were already running behind our normal schedule and it does take 1 hour to cook. It was finally ready when the kids should have been going to bed. However…

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Baked Apple Pancake (Gluten-free, Dairy-free)

Baked Apple Pancake - Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

I took a break from the Delia Project today to make a recipe that I haven’t made in a while. It was inspired by Bill Granger’s Puffed Apple Pancake and I’ve modified it to be gluten and dairy-free. The best thing about this recipe is that it’s wholesome enough for a breakfast, or you can serve it with vanilla ice-cream for dessert. Or eat it as a snack… any time of the day really!

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The Delia Project (#41): Sausage Rolls with Quick Flaky Pastry

The Delia Project: Sausage Rolls with Quick Flaky Pastry

Today Munchkin #1 invited her friend for a sleep-over, so I thought I’d do an easy dinner with sausage rolls and other snacky foods.

I’ve made the Quick Flaky Pastry before, for the Flaky Fish Pie. It’s a great recipe and super-easy. But… I did stuff up making the sausage rolls. One of the ingredients – pork sausagemeat – I accidentally read as plain old pork mince, forgetting that sausagemeat contains herbs and seasoning. So unfortunately they were a bit bland.

But I’m sure there’ll be a next time, so for that I’ve found a good recipe for Homemade Sausagemeat on the ‘Recipes from a Normal Mum’ website.

The Delia Project (#40): Quick Wheatmeal Rolls

The Delia Smith Project: Quick Wheatmeal Rolls

These bread rolls truly are quick; they only require one rise. The recipe uses half wholewheat and half strong white flour, so the texture is not heavy at all. There’s 6 minutes of kneading required and I quite like pummelling dough for a bit! However, I don’t think my technique is quite up to it as my rolls were a little flat. Next time, my mixer and dough hook can take over this step.

This is a good, quick recipe and I would definitely make it again!