On being realistic

I’ve been thinking a lot about this project lately and its’ 487 recipes and whether I’ll actually cook through the entire book. I can get enthusiastic about most of the recipes, but some I just read the title and think ‘bleuurrh‘ or ‘my kids will never eat that!‘ or ‘where am I going to find that in Switzerland?

Then I came back to thinking about why I was doing this project in the first place: to learn how to cook properly and try out a variety of recipes that I wouldn’t normally look twice at. It’s not about rigidly cooking every. single. recipe. and if I don’t make all 487 recipes, then I’ve failed. I have such a perfectionist personality that sometimes I have to step back and ask why I’m really doing something. I forget that it’s all about the journey and above all, having fun. At the moment I’m still really enthusiastic about the project and I wouldn’t want to ruin that by forcing myself to cook something with smoked eels or pickled ox tongue. (Yes, I’m going to pass on those).

I think 400 recipes is probably a realistic number to aim for, and even then, it will have been worthwhile.


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