The Delia Project (#23): Fisherman’s Pie

Fisherman's Pie

I’ll admit that my photography skills are far from brilliant and I did really struggle to get a decent picture of this pie. Firstly, I was attempting to bake hot cross buns and this pie at the same time AND coax my kids to come in from outside AND clean up a colossal mess on the dining room table. The pie wasn’t so much a pie as a stew. I don’t know if this is how it’s meant to be, but if you go by taste, it was really yummy. There was also so much of it, that it stretched to two meals.

This recipe differs from the Flaky Fish Pie in that it has a mashed potato topping instead of pastry. I actually snuck some cauliflower into the mashed potato because I’m the type of mum who likes to hide vegetables that I know my kids wouldn’t normally eat. Again, I used coconut milk instead of regular and I did sub rice flour for the regular flour. Maybe that’s the reason for the runny consistency of the pie.


One thought on “The Delia Project (#23): Fisherman’s Pie

  1. Yeah its not supposed to look like that… Did you use all the milk that the fish was baked in? Because youre not really supposed too

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