The Delia Project (#1): Mashed Swedes and Crispy Bacon

Mashed Swedes and Crispy Bacon

I’ve always been confused about the difference between a swede and a turnip. For the first few years I lived in Switzerland, I never saw either, and thought they must feed them to the pigs or something.

Then, my eldest started Kindergarten and I was introduced to the Räbeliechtliumzug (literally translated: turnip light procession). Every November, kids (or their parents) carve out the turnips innards and place a tea light candle inside. You can also get really creative and carve pictures on the outside of your turnip. Then when it’s dark (and very cold) the kids parade around the streets with their turnip lanterns, singing songs about their Räbeliechtli.

The point of all this is that in November, there is suddenly a glut of turnips in the supermarket and about the same time, swedes (gelbe Räben) also make an appearance. How I ever missed them before, I don’t know.

This recipe is my first from Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course and is a comforting mash of swedebutter and bacon. Does it get any better?


I’m cooking my way through Delia


Inspired by the wonderful movie ‘Julie and Julia’ I’ve set myself a project to cook my way through Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course. Because I want to learn to cook. Properly. And because I am already in the kitchen three times a day, so it’s not as though I have find the time from somewhere.

I mean, I can cook already and I can follow a recipe. It’s just that I have several gaps in my knowledge. I have never made a proper omelette, I don’t know what to do with a good piece of steak and have never made rough puff pastry.

Instead of moving through the book in a linear fashion – that would mean starting with the Eggs chapter and eating nothing but eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two weeks – I will choose a menu each week, and make a soup, salad, vegetable side dish, main course and pudding.

Did I mention there are 487 recipes in the Complete Cookery Course? I’m going to try and make as many as I can this year. Bring it on!